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New Moon Energy For 2024

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

This moon is all about bringing in a need to stay calm. If you have been noticing where things might be weighing you down, go deeper into that. Although this is a new moon, which means it is time to focus on manifestation and following your dreams, it also means that this is a perfect time for focusing on where you are no longer happy. This might look like a friend who is not aligned with your belief system anymore, a person who is just not respecting you, or a habit that you know is simply dragging you down. All of these things are important to note as we approach this new moons in 2024.


New moons are an opportunity to set intentions and focus on your deepest desires. Please check out my New Moon Ritual as a guideline for how to bring in what you truly desire. When we look into a new moon, this typically represents aspects of our personality where we might be feeling extra emotional, more judgemental and even placing pressure on ourselves or others. This could also mean that you are focusing too much on outcomes and not enough on all of the work that you have been doing thus far.


The most important thing that we can do is avoid being too critical or thinking in a narrow-minded way. You could start getting familiarized with the inner child within you. Want to learn more? Join me in my monthly membership where you can learn more about what that is and receive theta healing downloads in relation to these concerns. The inner child is a perfect way to release childhood wounds and open up to more freedom in your life. Relationships will improve and your energy will feel less tired because your heart will be more connected on a regular basis.


Are you bombarded between your work, family and your everyday tasks? Are you falling into the trap of getting distracted and forgetting to focus on yourself along the way? We will often bite off more than we can chew and as a result you might feel like you are the one being left behind. During this time it is very important that you not only offer forgiveness to others, you also invite forgiveness in towards yourself as well.

New moons are meant to be celebrated, giving you this opportunity to see yourself in a positive light. It is recommended at this time to do anything that you want, including going on a vacation, getting inspired or simply enjoying a new book or tea of your choice. If you need additional support, please check out my lives everyday underneath TIKTOK and we will see you for your next blog here.

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