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How to Manage Time

Updated: Nov 25

This is a perfect topic for those of you who feel like you are fearful to move forward. Lately I have been noticing that many people are struggling with how to manage their time. Time is something that gets in the way, if you allow it to. It is an energy that we can allow to support us or perhaps distract us. Are you struggling to get ahead? Perhaps now is the time to transition towards time being a friend of yours.

The best way to transition with this energy is to simply learn how to let it all go. How do we do that? Practicing healing practices, or release techniques that are supportive towards your current situation can be helpful. Are you giving yourself enough time to process your thoughts and emotions? Writing out your thoughts can be very helpful in expressing anything that is already on your mind. Simple journalling exercises can be extremely helpful for someone who doesn't like to discuss things with their friends or those of you who choose not to express yourselves.

Have you tried smudging? Smudging has also been known to support negative emotions. Shop under Robin's store to purchase a sage bundle to use for yourself here SAGE BUNDLES . You can also check out her other blog on HOW TO SMUDGE.

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