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Updated: Mar 20

Need a getaway, but can't get one? Try starting with a one day retreat. This is a perfect way to step out of your comfort zone and get comfortable. Retreats are available all over the world for a reason. Sometimes we need a healthy way to escape. Many times people will escape their reality through their unhealthy patterns. They will stop tuning into their intuition and, in fact, disconnect instead of going inward.


This is something that almost everybody does. We "NETFLIX AND CHILL", drink with the girls, zone out.

Is this healthy or not?

Sometimes we need to focus on something other than our crisis at the time. It is absolutely needed at times to, DO SOMETHING ELSE!


Are you constantly desiring health, but always choosing negativity? The way to begin healthy habits is by beginning to speak to yourself in ways that are positive. Start telling yourself that you are already doing things that are healthy. Perhaps list those things in a journal to boost your awareness and direct your energy to the positive. Positive affirmations are a great way to move your mental in the right direction.


Are you struggling with receiving? Do you give because it is easier? These are all strategies that can help you short-term, however if you want to feel better long-term it's important to do the work. If you truly desire to get out of your comfort zone, go to a retreat. Meet people who can share similar vibe. Do things for yourself, while still helping others.


One of the biggest reasons why people are unhappy is because they choose to be. It is a choice to be happy. Every day you wake up, you can choose to look at your life as a mess, or a blessing from the Creator. Many of you might feel that you are grateful for your life, but if you were to truly go within, are you truly happy?


Create your own retreat. Stack up some pillows and lay down. Do a 4 minute meditation. Treat yourself to your favourite healthy meal. Buy a few new books or daydream at the ocean. Go out of your everyday routine and share your thoughts with a friend. Relate to others by connecting with someone who has a similar mindset.

Remembering Joy

What is your most recent memory? Was it fun? Do you restrict your mind from thinking back towards positive memories? We as people, struggle with remembering the good. Since the world has turned upside down, it seems that people are becoming less aware of the good times. It is very important to remind yourself of those good memories. Why? Because this will create more happiness. If we are coming from a cup that is full, we will feel even more free to make healthier choices.


We hear the benefits of exercise, but in all honesty, do you take pleasure in your exercise routine? Many people check exercise off of their list. It is extremely important to choose healthy exercise that you love. It is so important to enjoy the activities that you are doing. Sometimes we do have to do things, but why not choose what you enjoy?

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